Soulmate Candle

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Soft, velvety, and creamy, this candle is poured with intention to help you dissolve worry and embrace deep, true, compassionate love for others and for yourself. Sweet, warm notes of sugar and vanilla custard will entice you to relax and find comfort in accepting the love you deserve. Finished with rose petals for balance in love, yellow calcite for confidence and compassion, and rose quartz for healing love wounds, this is the candle for anyone looking to strengthen their relationships with others and with the self.

Scent Profile:

Top: caramelized sugar, coconut

Middle: custard, rum

Base: vanilla, maple, benzoin

All of our candles are hand-poured with love and intention and finished with intentionally selected herbs and crystals to amplify their energy. We only use 100% natural, clean-burning soy wax.

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