About Us

My name is Catherine, I use they/them pronouns, and I'm a lifelong creative, educator, and energy worker.

Rebel Flame Candle Co. was created out of years of frustration, insecurity, and rejection. It was my cry into the world that I was no longer accepting being treated poorly by those who would take advantage of me. I decided I was done with selling my soul to people who would sooner throw me out on the street than give me credit for my work, so I took my life into my own hands and decided to start a business to give me space to create beautiful things and influence others with love in a way that others did for me when I was at my lowest.
I started making candles after graduating with my master's degree and realizing I needed to keep my hands busy to help me process some of the grief I was feeling at becoming disillusioned with the inequity and trauma I experienced in my professional field. It began as a way to channel my fear, frustration, and desire for a happier life into something physical that I could make to show others my love for them. People loved them, so I started selling them - and here we are today. I'm a deeply creative person and I love the puzzle of putting together new products, between the recipe, scent profiles, packaging, and marketing. Rebel Flame is my pride and joy and I'm so happy I get to do this work with you.
The offerings you see here are carefully created, selected, and curated not just to bring you a pretty product, but to introduce energy healing into your life and give you tools to process your own hurt, grief, and anger. Everything I do, make, and am is centered around reciprocal energy and the idea that energy can be transmitted through physical items and used to catalyze healing and liberation. Whether you're here to look for products made with love that support you in your journey to a more authentic life,  book a reading, or just find soul-affirming community - I hope you find something you love here.
If you resonate with my story and my work, I highly encourage you to reach out, try a product that calls to you, follow me on social media, and stay in conversation with me. I can't wait to walk this path together, and I'm honored to share this lifetime with you.
Love always,