Shadow Side Candle

Shadow Side Candle

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This candle is specifically formulated and intended to be used in deep, soul-probing shadow work and carries an intention of healing, patience, and confidence through challenge. The sexy scent of musky spiced cherry wine will warm you and empower you to become your best self, and is poured with intention for strength in the face of difficulty, gentle healing, overcoming self loathing, and truth, Shadow Side is the perfect candle to use in your shadow work as you move toward self-acceptance and liberation.

Scent Profile:

Top: blackcurrant, apple, citrus, sea salt, ozone

Middle: black cherry, red wine, clove, plum, cardamom

Base: oak, amber, vanilla, dark musk

Net weight: 7 oz.

The Spellwork Collection was designed to help you alchemize the energy in your life, harness the power that lives within you, and blaze forward in your healing journey.

All of our candles are hand-poured with love and healing intention. We only use 100% natural, clean-burning soy wax and safe-to-burn phthalate-free fragrances.

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